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Watching Relentless Detroit this Nov 7/8 would be an amazing experience. Just saying. Is anyone planning on going to watch?

I will be volunteering at the tables while Andy will be volunteering with our company HVA on the ambulance standby. The county requires medic/medic and since I’m an EMT, I can’t work it and his best friend is helping out. Which says a lot for not being involved with Detroit Barbell or lifting!

Then the most important part is realgirlsliftheavy and her husband are lifting in it. And she is aweinspiring to the max.

The meet is a show. Lots of food donated to raise money. Games for the kids, speeches, motivation. Heavy ass lifters. Strong kids.

So I hope to see some of you guys, let me know!

Thank you for the shoutout!!! It will be a blast and anyone who can make it will NOT regret it. :)

Anyone got tips for losing water weight fast for weigh-ins before a powerlift meet?

Make sure you read lots of stuff about it, but the only way you’ll know is by trying it yourself. Don’t do it if it’s your first meet or if you have a lot of weight to lose. The basic premise is to overload your body with water a few days before the weigh-in and stop drinking 12-24 hours before the weigh-in (depending on when it is) and then recover.

Especially not a good idea if it’s a meet morning weigh-in, so be careful.

Here are some resources where powerlifters talk about how they cut weight:

October 20 - 26

20 Days out from Relentless Detroit! At this point, it’s time to dial in. I have been sick lately so I am just going to focus on getting my workouts in and not worry too much about accessory work. Also, I’m starting to officially cut this week as well so it’s getting pretty serious and I can’t have any room for error. This week I start moving up to heavy doubles, so hopefully I can get some of my goal numbers up so I feel confident moving into it!

Workouts/Goals for this week:

  • Monday: Shoulders
  • Tuesday: Squats (250x2)
  • Wednesday: Back
  • Thursday: Paused Bench (145x2x5)
  • Friday: Deadlift (Sumo 305x1), Speed Squats
  • Sunday: Bench, (165x2), 1-board press (175x2)


  • At least 1 gallon water/day
  • 1,500 calories - start light carb cycling:
  • Monday: Low carb, 55g Carbs, 175g Protein, 55g Fat
  • Tuesday: Low carb, 55g Carbs, 175g Protein, 55g Fat
  • Wednesday: Low carb, 55g Carbs, 175g Protein, 55g Fat
  • Thursday: Low carb, 55g Carbs, 175g Protein, 55g Fat
  • Friday: Carb load, 200g Carbs, 160g Protein, 20g Fat
  • Saturday: Carb load, 200g Carbs, 160g Protein, 20g Fat
  • Sunday: Low carb, 55g Carbs, 175g Protein, 55g Fat

Please consider donating to Relentless Detroit, which is a powerlifting-based organization dedicated to raising money, awareness and support for families with children diagnosed with life threatening illnesses.




Only 5 pounds from my weight class and still 3 weeks til weigh-in for Relentless Detroit. This is exactly where I need to be 3 weeks out. Going to try and stay about this weight for the next week, then maybe lose 1 more pound in the remaining two weeks before my water cut. Cutting 4 pounds of water is a cakewalk and I shouldn’t have to work too hard to get there.

Now only 8 hours to go until I get to leave my place of employment, eat pizza and deadlift. Counting down!

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